Success of ALS Vendor Summit Lays Foundation for Future Educational Opportunities

August 31, 2022
COLUMBUS, OHIO – The National Registry recently proposed a major redesign plan to improve the existing ALS Examination and create exams that better emulate reality for candidates, including phasing out the Psychomotor Examination and replacing it with a Performance Examination. To better educate vendors and educators on the changes taking place in the next generation of exams, the Registry hosted an exclusive two-part virtual summit. 

“This was a great opportunity to not only reach out to vendors regarding the redesign of our ALS examinations, but also an opportunity to expand our capabilities in reaching new audiences in our ‘new normal’ following COVID-19.” said Bill Seifarth, MS, NRP, ICE-CCP, Chief Executive Officer of the National Registry. “With the success of this summit, we will explore other programs to benefit our stakeholders in a convenient and economical way.”   

Collectively, 180 participants attended the summit over the course of the two-day virtual event. In the first session on Wednesday, July 20, participants gained an in-depth understanding of the current state of the ALS Redesign initiative and were provided with information about the new performance component of the ALS Examination, the benefits, and its components. Participants reviewed existing examination item types and were introduced to new examination item types with tactical direction for providing instructional and learning techniques for teaching the related material in future EMS classrooms. 

In the second session on Tuesday, August 9, participants were provided with extensive knowledge to create materials and products that support EMS education programs, resources to build useful curriculum, evaluation, and skills tracking materials. Both sessions provided a live link to samples of new scenario-based items that will be featured on the examination when launched.  

Presenters for the summit included Paul Rosenberger, EdD, Examinations Content Manager, Mihaiela Gugiu, PhD, Director of Psychometrics and Analytics, Matt Ozanich, Examinations Program Manager and John Corley, Stakeholder Partnerships Program Manager. 

 “The two-part ALS Redesign Vendor Summit conducted on July 20th and August 9th allowed the National Registry to provide a "front-row" seat to our featured new release presentation of scenarios with items that measure the construct of clinical judgment. The event included numerous participants from across the nation and favorable comments have been received regarding the summit's content, especially instructional technique suggestions.” said Paul Rosenberger, Examinations Content Manager, and a presenter at the 2022 summit. “In the end, the summit allowed us to share information in a transparent manner for our upcoming ALS examinations. Everyone went home happy!” 

Media Contact:
Shane Cartmill
Public Relations and Media Manager